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We Can Supply Boxes And Pack Your Belongings In Your Absence 
We Can Provide Short Or Long Term Storage 

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Student Packing Services

At Cov Logistics we offer a professional and reliable packing service tailored to your needs. Our packers are trained to a high level in packing both standard and unusual, bulky, fragile and valuable items. The team will safely pack everything in your home or apartment ready for onward transportation.

This is a convenient service designed to save you time and effort.

Packing Service per box  (excluding materials)

  • Large Box (H55 x W46 x D46) CM                      £15.00 + Vat   (Per Box)

  • Medium Box (H40.5 x W40.5 x D40.5) CM        £10.00 + Vat  (Per Box)

  • Small Box (H35 x W35 x D25)  CM                      £5.00 + Vat   (Per Box)

We Can Provide



  •   Large Box (H55 x W46 x D46) CM                 £10.00 + Vat  (Per Box)

  •   Meduim Box (H40.5 x W40.5 x D40.5) CM   £7.00 + Vat   (Per Box)

  •   Small Box (H35 x W35 x D25) CM                 £5.00 + Vat   (Per Box)

     Packing tape 

  • Packing Clear Tape                                        £5.00 + Vat   (Per Tape)

  • Fragile Tape                                                    £6.00 + Vat  (Per Tape)

    Bubble wrap

  • Large Roll Bubble Wrap                                  £15.00 +Vat   (Per Roll)

  • Small Roll Bubble Wrap                                 £10.00 + Vat  (Per Roll)

    Wrapping paper

  • Large Roll Wrapping Paper                             £10.00 + Vat   (Per Roll)

  • Small Roll Wrapping Paper                            £7.00 + Vat     (Per Roll)

    Plastic Box liners

  •    Plastic Box Liners                                        £3.00 + Vat   (Per Liner)