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Uni Students Moving Accommadations

While studying at university and that time of year comes around when you have to start looking for a new place to live, moving from uni halls to a house or flat, it can be a stressful process also a life changing experience and a great learning experience, it can be hard to move away from home and live independently.

Then your search begins to look for a new place, a new neighbourhood to live in you want to make sure it's a good area, good amenities and good transport links to the university.

You should begin your search by looking at what the university is offering for accommodation.

Then check with your local estate agents and see what rental properties are available and what they're offering.

Also check the estate agents online reviews and ratings before signing up any contracts or paying deposits.

I would not recommend going directly to a private landlord as a lot of students get conned, on some occasions after paying they're deposits they do not get the money back or the landlords deduct extortionate amounts for cleaning cost and bills towards the end of the contract that the students do not owe.

By going through reputable estate agents you will have peace of mind and financial security.

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